Tristan Crum

A selection of stuff I made


Viking Helmet

This helmet is one of the first armor pieces I ever made and is now used as an educational piece for teaching Beowulf to grade school students.


Full Size Steel Dimetrodon Skeleton

My latest and large piece to date!

fossil foundry - logo solid.jpg

Fossil Foundry its my own separate business and website focused on the creation of realistic steel sculptures of prehistoric animals.


Life sized Dilophosaurus wall mount

This wall mount sculpture is the largest life-like piece that I've made.


Steel Saber Tooth Cat Skull

This is the first in a series of prehistoric animal skulls I plan to create.


"I made a little boat"


This is my largest and most ambitious work, a life sized steel sculpture of a Deinonychus skeleton.


Artist Profile


 If you’re the kind of person that likes deep, introspective and abstract art works then you’ve come to the wrong carbon-based lifeform compadre. Using wood and steel I make dinosaurs, swords and other things that would typically interest small children.” Why do you do this?” you may ask, because I haven't matured in my interests for the past decade and don’t plan to any time soon. 



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