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Tristan Crum

A selection of stuff I made

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Viking Helmet

This helmet is one of the first armor pieces I ever made and is now used as an educational piece for teaching Beowulf to grade school students.

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Full Size Steel Dimetrodon Skeleton

My latest and large piece to date!

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Fossil Foundry its my own separate business and website focused on the creation of realistic steel sculptures of prehistoric animals.

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Life sized Dilophosaurus wall mount

This wall mount sculpture is the largest life-like piece that I've made.

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Steel Saber Tooth Cat Skull

This is the first in a series of prehistoric animal skulls I plan to create.

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"I made a little boat"

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This is my largest and most ambitious work, a life sized steel sculpture of a Deinonychus skeleton.

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 If you’re the kind of person that likes deep, introspective and abstract art works then you’ve come to the wrong carbon-based lifeform compadre. Using wood and steel I make dinosaurs, swords and other things that would typically interest small children.” Why do you do this?” you may ask, because I haven't matured in my interests for the past decade and don’t plan to any time soon. 

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Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more.

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